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Sorry - our 2023 harvest is sold-out. We still have pure honey and beeswax available.  You are most welcome to place an order for pistachios from our 2024 harvest which we expect will be available in late March 2024.
sungkai park pistachios
Slow Dried to Lock-in Flavour, Unsalted, 100% Natural, In Shell (unbleached)
Sungkai Park is a small independent grower of delicious pistachio nuts. We are located on the banks of the Goulburn River upstream from Seymour in North Central Victoria, Australia. 

The pistachio nut you are familiar with has a hard beige coloured shell.  When the nut grows on the tree this shell has an outer hull known as an epicarp.  As the pistachio ripens the outer hull loosens and changes colour.  On harvest, we remove the outer hull to prevent the nut from sweating and then we dry the nut to provide a stable product for storage.

We believe the dried nuts are the best way to enjoy pistachios as the sweet nut flavour is more apparent than after roasting or salting.  Most importantly, time plays an important role in how we dry our nuts.  Slowly drying the nuts down to a stable moisture level is critical to ensuring the flavour of the nut is enhanced.  The drying process should never be rushed!

Our nuts are sold in shell (shell unbleached), unsalted and are ready to eat as a snack or use in your cooking.  Kept airtight and in a cool dry place, our nuts will keep for many many months.  You can also prolong their storage by freezing or refrigerating.  This slows down the oxidation process and prolongs the fresh taste of our dried pistachio nuts. 

Scroll down to see how to order.
  • We grow and dry our pistachio nuts and sell them direct to our customers
  • We focus on dried nuts because we think that is the best way to enjoy pistachios - and it provides our customers with flexibility to use them in a wide variety of ways.
  • We sell our dried, unsalted, in-shell pistachios for $20/kg
  • Delivery is by Australia Post, or
  • You may also collect from our farm (appointment required), or from South Melbourne (appointment required).
  • We keep bees to assist with the pollination of our orchard - as a result we also have pure raw honey and beeswax for sale - scroll down for further details.

If you would like to purchase our pistachios, please use the form at the bottom of this webpage.  Include the following:
  • Full name,
  • Email address,
  • Postal address, 
  • Mobile Number, and
  • The quantity of nuts you wish to purchase (minimum order 1kg).
Our pistachios are $20/kg. They come in 1kg vacuum sealed bags so the minimum order is 1kg. We post the pistachios by standard parcel Australia Post which includes tracking. Indicatively, postage to anywhere in Australia is:
  • up to 2kg costs $15 postage, 
  • 3 – 4 kg costs $18 postage, and
  • 5kg costs $23 postage. 

When we receive your purchase request we will confirm the order and email you an invoice.  

Once payment has been received orders are sent using Australia Post and we will email you the parcel tracking number.  Orders are usually sent on the same day payment is received.
Payment Options
Payment can be made by direct deposit (EFT) to our bank account, or credit/debit card using a secure payment link.  Payment details are all included on the invoice we email you. 
Personal Collection
While we are mainly an internet business you are welcome to purchase and collect nuts from our farm or a location in South Melbourne.  But you will first need to contact us and make an appointment using the form at the bottom of this webpage.  Payment by cash or credit/debit card are available if you choose this method of collection.
More About Pistachios & OUR ORCHARD
How Pistachios Grow & Other Interesting Facts
Pistachios are not a true botanical nut, rather they are the seed of a drupe.  The pistachio belongs to a group of drupes called “culinary nuts” that include cashews and almonds.  A drupe is a fleshy tree fruit that contains a shell-covered seed. With pistachios we discard the fruit flesh for the seed within. The opposite is true with other drupes such as stone fruits like peaches. With those the fruit flesh is eaten and the pits are left behind. 

Nutritional Information
Our pistachio nuts are natural, unsalted and a rich source of nutrients.  Food Standards Australia New Zealand analysis of dried unsalted pistachios report that the key components of a pistachio nut are fat (approx 51%), protein (approx 20%), dietary fibre (approx 10%) and starch and sugars (approx 7%).  Most importantly, the majority of fat contained in a pistachio nut comes from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  Saturated fat contributes to only 12% of the fat content of a pistachio nut.
Honey and Beeswax
At Sungkai Park we keep bees to assist with pollination.  The bees also get to forage over the range of redgum and eucalypt woodlands we have on our property and adjoining areas.  As a result, usually by summers end, we have pure raw cold extracted honey available along with limited quantities of pure raw unrefined unfiltered beeswax.
Want to order pistachios, honey or beeswax, or need further Information?
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